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Quotes on Evolutionary Enlightenment

The Fourth Tenet: The Process Perspective

The Fourth Tenet of Evolutionary Enlightenment is called the Process Perspective. It points us directly to the liberating viewpoint that emerges when we see every aspect of our human experience as part and parcel of the vast impersonal cosmic process. And most importantly, engaging with this tenet enables us to break through the habit of compulsive personalization that so many of us are painfully trapped in.

Through practicing the fourth tenet, we discover the liberating truth that life is not a personal drama but is in fact an impersonal process. This shift of perspective enables us to powerfully penetrate the walls of our separate, personal existence. Ultimately, it reveals that the self is not a unique entity but a process that is a very small part of a larger process, which is part of yet another larger process, and so on. This Process Perspective opens up a portal to enlightened awareness, because it renders transparent that which once appeared solid. It also illuminates the reality that truly nothing is static, that everything is moving, and most importantly, that we’re all going somewhere. We’re on a moving train. That train is the evolutionary impulse and the tracks are the process it is giving rise to in every moment.

~ Andrew Cohen

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