Andrew Cohen's Quote of the Week

Quotes on Evolutionary Enlightenment

No Longer Afraid of Change

Many people are scared of change, of that which is new. They are deeply attached to the status quo in which everything appears to be predictable, comfortable, and therefore, safe. But for what I call the evolutionary impulse—the energy and intelligence that gave rise to the universe and is animating our bodies, minds, and personalities in this very moment—that is a description of spiritual stagnation. When you awaken to the dynamism of that creative impulse in yourself, the only place you will feel truly comfortable is at the very edge of the leading edge—where, in every moment, everything is possible and new potentials continually emerge. Evolutionary Enlightenment is a spiritual path and practice that allows you to live on that edge—it creates the conditions within yourself for something new to emerge that has never existed before.

—Andrew Cohen

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